Astronomy Guide

Our astronomy guide is your portal to amateur astronomy where you can learn about planets, constellations, telescopes and more.

Between the Galaxies
In the grand tally of cosmic constituents, galaxies are what typically get counted. Last time I checked, the universe contained a hundred billion of them. Bright and beautiful and packed with stars, galaxies decorate the void of space like cities across the landscape at night.

But just how voidy is the void of space? (How empty is the countryside between cities?) The in-your-face splendor of galaxies may persuade you that nothing else matters. But the universe is teeming with hard-to-detect things that may be more interesting, or more important to the evolution of the universe, than the galaxies themselves.

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The Difference between Types I and II Supernovae
Type I supernovae consist of explosions of white dwarf stars composed primarily of oxygen and carbon. The white dwarf absorbs the mass of a colliding nearby neutron star to increase to a mass of 1.4 times our sun. Ensuing density and temperature conditions result in the carbon beginning to burn explosively.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Elliptical Galaxies
Elliptical galaxies are ellipsoidal agglomerations of stars, which usually do not contain much interstellar matter, and look smoothly like small wads when viewed through a telescope.

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