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Types Of Telescopes For Astronomy
The job of a telescope is to collect light, not to magnify an image (the eyepiece does that job). The larger the objective (the part that collects the light) whether it be a lens, in refractors, or a mirror, in reflectors, the more light the telescope will collect. The more light you can collect, the more detail you will be able to capture, and also important for astrophotography, the shorter your exposures will need to be to capture this detail.

Galaxies in Hiding - Brief Article about telescopes
SOMETIMES ASTRONOMY is a bit like fishing: patience is the cardinal virtue. A couple of years ago astronomers trained the Hubble Space Telescope on a fairly empty patch of sky and let it there for ten days, trying to catch whatever photons straggled in. The result was the Hubble Deep Field, a series of images that doubled astronomers' estimates of the number of galaxies in the universe to at least 50 billion.

Size Does Matter - telescope designs
Big telescopes are better than small telescopes. When all other variables--such as climate, location, quality of the optics, or talent of the observer--are equal, this statement is always true. Nothing mysterious or macho here.

Choosing The Right Telescope
Ever since Galileo, people have been pointing telescopes to the heavens and expanding their view of this world by looking outside of it into other worlds. It can be a fascinating and rewarding endevour. You can even meet some very good friends this way as there are usually local star-gazing clubs within reach of almost anywhere in the country that offer plenty of companionship when using your telescope.

The History and Achievements of the Hubble Telescope
The Hubble Telescope is famous worldwide for its amazing images of the universe. Congress in 1977 voted to fund a project to construct the Hubble. Completion of the telescope was in 1985. The Hubble was supposed to be launched a year later but was delayed because of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

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