A Hard Time Halloween Party

Every year Halloween party is celebrated specially by most of the kids. This is the moment when the children come out with so many costumes ideas, it will be also a good time to invite your childrens friends to celebrate and play together in this occasion. In this article you will find some tips on how to arrange the Halloween party. Of the many different kinds of Halloween parties a hard-time party is bound to be intriguing.

Appropriate invitations for this type of party are written on torn pieces of brown paper decorated with a black-cat sticker. Black cats, witches, and bats from the dime store make effective home decorations. Pictures can be hung at an angle or upside down. The dressing table may boast a shiny pie tin used for a hand mirror along with an old comb minus many teeth. Gunny sacks make lovely window curtains for this hard-time affair.

Such a setting entails very little expense, not too much effort and creates an atmosphere of hilarity that starts the party off with a bang. A game that all young people will enjoy is a game oŁ "Halloween Ten Pins." This is especially good when bowling is so popular. In keeping with the hard-time motif use ginger ale bottles for pins and solid heads of cabbages for balls. Set a certain score for game and let some expert bowler keep score for the crowd.

Don't keep at one game too long. After this game "Match Box Relay" will be fun. Divide the guests into two teams, girls against boys.

Let the hostess fasten the cover of a penny match box on the nose of each of the leaders. Each must transfer the box cover from his nose to the nose of the next team mate without the use of the hands. If the cover is dropped, it may be picked up and put back on the nose of the last person to have it. The team that finishes passing the box first is the winner, of course. Halloween is synonymous with fortunetelling.

No Halloween party would be complete without some sort of fortunetelling stunt, especially for teen-age youngsters. "Goblet Fortunes" are fun to do. Place a goblet on a table.

Tie a ring to a string. Let each guest drop the ring to the bottom of the goblet while he recites the alphabet. Immediately when the ring strikes the side of the goblet the person stops. The letter with which he or she stops is indication of the name of the person he or she will marry. "Halloween Hags" are lots of fun. Draw on a sheet a life-size witch with stringy hair, peaked hat, etc.

, with a hole where the face should be seen. Hang a sheet in an open doorway. Let the girls stick their heads in the opening, making faces to disguise their identities. Boys write their guesses as to who each one is.

Then the girls take their turns at guessing whose face they see. It is surprising how hard it is to guess each face. The youngsters are very good at face-making and have a grand time doing it. At the conclusion of the games serve your guests a hearty lunch. Have the dining table set with a clean ragged cloth or brown paper doilies.

Cracked and nicked dishes are in order along with old and odd pieces of silverware. Candles stuck into empty pop bottles may be used for table lighting. Colored magazine ads that represent some fault or peculiarity of the guests may be used for place cards. This causes a riot of fun and you would be surprised how quickly each guest will spot his place.

Oyster stew, vegetable salad, rolls, pickles, jelly, pumpkin pie and cider will satisfy the hungriest guest and are not too hard to prepare. Children love their fortune told. If you want to fascinate your party kids completely then try the fortune telling game, they will definitely enjoy the game. Next, you can entertain them with their favorite food.

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