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Bocce ball is an old game played with a set of balls. This game resembles modern day bowling although there are no pins involved. The bocce ball set contains a set of small balls called pallina and a set of big ones, two of a color, called baccia.

The game requires skills, strategy and some luck. It is sometimes played for hours in an interesting way by groups of people. Bocce ball sets contain two or three pallina and eight baccia. The set contains 2 baccia of four colors each. The bocce ball game is played between two teams and each team can include one, two or four players each.

The four balls of different colors will be shared equally among the players of a team. The bocce ball game is played using bocce ball sets on the bocce ball court. This is normally a grass court or dirt court and can be uneven. One player from the first team throws a pallina towards the other end and then throws a baccia so that it can get as close to the pallina as possible, without touching it.

Then a player from the opponent team throws a baccia of the same color and tries to outperform their opponent by getting closer to the pallina than the first throw. This goes on and when each team has thrown all their four balls, the game comes to an end. Points are awarded for the teams in such a way that the team with the closest ball gets one point for each of its balls that are closer to the pallina compared to the other team's balls. The game goes on until one team gets a score of 16 points.

The game has many nuances and variations. Players can use their balls and knock the balls of the other team away from the pallina or they can use their balls to knock and move the pallina closer to the balls of their team mates. Players can roll , log or throw their balls.

So, one can experiment with the different kinds of throws and find out which is the most comfortable. Bocce ball sets make it very easy to start a bocce game anywhere, even in your lawn or backyard. These are available online. The bocce ball sets comes with all the balls, and a container to keep them when you are not playing . They even come with nylon carry bags to carry the bocce balls safely and comfortably during trips or outings.

Bocce ball sets are available at low and high prices depending on how serious the players want to be. Some are more highly priced based on the materials or accessories. The Bocce ball game is an interesting, mild and nice way to spend time with friends and family. Children can play as long as parents are responsible. Plan to get a bocce ball set for your family or children during your next visit and enjoy hours of fun.

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