Tips to Arrange Holloween Party

Looking for some interesting games for your Halloween party? This article is to guide you to meet your need and your guests need for fun. The games given in the following article works well for all ages. You could give them a choice whether they want to play or not.

The "Pumpkin Carving" contest is always very popular. All the children, big and little, in the party are seated around the room on the floor with papers spread out before them. Each child is furnished with a hollowed-out pumpkin and a knife and told to carve a jack-o-lantern. Mothers and fathers help by suggestions.

When the lanterns are finished a lighted candle should be placed in each and the lanterns lined up in a row for decision as to which is entitled to the prize. This is decided by popular applause. Each child may take home his or her own jack-o-lantern. At our last party, in a secluded corner of the room, was suspended a large iron kettle over a make-believe fire. It had created quite a bit of speculation, but as no one went near it, it was supposedly just a part of the decoration.

Just about the time all the guests had forgotten about it, a witch rushed into the room. In a covered basket she had a number of ingredients which were needed for charms. She handed the basket to the hostess and retired to her kettle, muttering. Each guest was then blindfolded and formed a line. The hostess then explained that all the objects which were in the basket must be passed from guest to guest in the line and finally handed to the witch.

It was started off with a hot baked potato which passed quickly from hand to hand amidst sudden exclamations of various kinds. A chestnut burr came next followed by a piece of ice, an old glove filled with mush, a large soup bone, a large peeled grape and an oyster. The blindfolded guests emitted blood-curdling shrieks as the objects touched their hands. At the end of the line the objects were placed in the kettle and stirred vigorously by the witch while the guests, blindfolds removed, looked into the kettle. When all the ingredients were thoroughly stirred the witch took from the kettle the written fortune of each guest.

Halloween is the one night of the year when spirits, according to tradition, roam the earth again and mortals may appeal to them for a glimpse into the future. At the end of the games big doughnuts were passed on a child's broom handle, accompanied by cider or milk. As an extra treat black-face ice cream was served.

This is made by pouring thick chocolate sauce over vanilla ice cream. The eyes, nose and mouth on each serving are marked with tiny mint candies. Although originally Halloween was a Druid and Roman religious ceremony, in American tradition it is a night of merrymaking, fortunetelling and pranks.

Such an opportunity for a good time should not be wasted.

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